Domain Migration

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    Brighton 2 years ago

    How can one migrate management of their domain from another provider to this platfom.

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    Privy Reza 2 years ago

    Hi there,

    To transfer domain from another registrar to the Resellme platform follow the following steps:

    1. Request current registrar to send release note to dns[at]

    2. Contact the resellme support team here : Resellme Support

    3. Verify your domain was transferred successfully by check the domain from your resellme portal : Resellme Portal

    Hope this helps :)

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    Halla Irwin 2 months ago

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    Pandora Hutchinson 2 months ago

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    Dale Mendoza 2 months ago

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    Signe Morton 2 months ago

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    Hamish Beasley 2 months ago

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    Dana Newton 2 months ago

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    Dacey Hurley 2 months ago

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    Maggie Macdonald 2 months ago

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