How do i manage nameservers?

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    Takudzwa A 3 years ago

    I logged in to resell me recently, i never got around to buyin a domain because i ddnt know how i would save nameservers, can you help me out

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    Brighton 3 years ago

    When registering a domain for the first time, You go to your dashboard and select the option add new domain, you eanter the domain you want to register and search select to search to make sure it does not exixst, the platform if the domain is available the platform will move you to another page/form where you can add your name servers for the new domain you are registering. 
    You complete the customer information on the page that follows after saving your name servers and you are done with registration.

    If you want to update the name servers ,on your dashboard select view all domains, go to the domain you want to update , on that row at the end there is a colum for actions ,clicking on that column will give you options for either modify owner and one for update NS( which is the one for updating name servers), select update NS and it will take you to a form where you can update the name servers and submit the information.

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